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Meet Smart

“Our goal is to enable collaboration and deliver videoconferencing on an open, standards based platform without confining clients to expensive proprietary solutions.”
MeetSmart™ is an enterprise grade cloud based video conferencing service that allows businesses to conduct point to point and/or dial in videoconferences between companies in a cost effective manner.
MeetSmart is available for a simple monthly fee, requires no upfront investment, and uses existing internet connections and infrastructure. The MeetSmart service is underpinned by the Broadreach ITIL certified VNOC.
Key Features and Benefits:
  • No hassle - zero configuration, zero maintenance, instant availability, instant productivity, any-to-any connectivity.
  • Instant access - within five minutes, endpoints can be activated and ready to call, software clients distributed to employees and customers, and virtual meeting rooms ready to be used. You just need an internet connection, MeetSmart arranges the rest.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) - MeetSmart turns PC’s and Mac’s into HD video conferencing endpoints, and enables video on mobile devices, such as the iPad. This allows you to attend corporate meetings with high quality audio and video anywhere, anytime.
  • Global roaming – MeetSmart is deployed internationally through a global quality-assured video network using Videxio’s smart roaming technology.
  • Multiple subscriptions - when called, MeetSmart rings on all activated devices simultaneously and can be answered on the selected device of choice.
  • Simple addressing - company email addresses automatically become MeetSmart video addresses.
  • Self-service - click on an email link to activate an endpoint, and use the self-service portal to register new software clients.
  • Point to point conferencing – Most Cloud based video services offer an internet based Virtual Meeting Room where all participants need to co-ordinate their dial-in number. MeetSmart does this and also enables direct point to point conferencing (using your email address).
  • Control your costs - No capital investment in infrastructure, instead just a monthly bill for the services you use. As your needs vary, you can easily expand or reduce your video deployment. 
  • Conference recording – Ability to record conferences and presentations for downloading and viewing at a later time.


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